SKnote Voices

SKnote has released version 1.0.1 of Voices, a unique powerful formant synthesizer for Windows PC.

Voices v1.0.1 features

  • Unique multi-mode formant synthesis
  • Simple linear interface
  • 5 oscillator types: Normal, Normal even harmonics, Formant, Group, Percussion
  • 8 oscillators: voiced/unvoiced
  • Envelopes and LFO for: formant amplitude, formant width
  • “Growl” function for mono presets
  • Chorus/Flanger
  • Overdrive
  • User manual and presets in “download” page
  • Updated to VST 2.4
  • No more “support files” needed

Voices is available as a “collabware” VST instrument for Windows PC.

Because I’m working in a recording studio, now, I ask for a simple collaboration from anybody interested in getting this release. Feedback is everything for our bands, so, in the aim to give visibility to people working with us, I ask to listen to a single song (anyone you choose) in the mp3 player on (our studio, as you can imagine from the name) and report your impressions in a simple form. I’ll send the plugin by email. This simple.

Visit SKnote for more information.