SkyFor Sounds Chip Sounds for Hive

SkyFor Sounds has launched Chip Sounds, a free soundset for the Hive synthesizer by u-he.

Bring back the lovely sound of old video games and 8-bit chip tunes to your productions with CHIP SOUNDS for u-he HIVE.

Whether you’re going pure retro or want to spice up modern songs with the unique vibe from back in the day – with 86 faithfully created presets from basses to leads and even drums CHIP SOUNDS for u-he HIVE gives you everything you need to recreate this unforgettable feeling! You also get 14 midi files to get you started right away!

Chip Sounds features

  • 86 presets for u-he Hive (v1.1).
  • Includes 20 basses, 15 drums, 7 fx, 23 leads, 10 plucks, 11 sequences.
  • Modwheel allocated.

The soundset is available for download at no charge. Donations are appreciated.