SKYLIFE has announced the release of a comprehensive update for SampleRobot Multi-X, the automatic sampling software.

Version 5 offers compatibility with the latest Mac OS El Capitan and Windows 10.

SKYLIFE SampleRobot 5 Multi X

SampleRobot 5 Multi-X is a reasonably-priced version in the SampleRobot product lineup. It contains the latest auto-sampling algorithms and comes with a bunch of new sample export formats.

Multi-X stands for multi export and offers all multi-sample export formats from its big brother SampleRobot 5 Pro.

The loop and transient editor WaveRobot can be fully integrated as an option.

Changes in SampleRobot 5 Multi-X

  • Multisample export for Korg Volca Sample.
  • Dump up to 100 samples at once to Volca Sample.
  • Support for multiple bit and sampling resolutions.
  • Automatic high quality resampling for Volca Sample.
  • Save sample banks as Projects.
  • Sample bank function: Erase.
  • Sample bank function: Restore factory samples.
  • Flexible stereo-mono rendering.
  • Different loop export modes.
  • Multisample bank export for Korg microSAMPLER.
  • KMP/KSC/KSF multisample export for many Korg products from Trinity to Triton to Kronos.
  • Drum sample export for Teenage Engineering’s OP-1.
  • Import and export of multiple WAV and AIFF files.
  • Export Project for sharing and backup purposes.
  • WaveRobot 5 loop and transient editor as an option (supersize sample window for resolutions up to 3200 x 2000 pixels).
  • Automapping of imported wave files including various loop and mapping options under OS X.
  • Projects with up to 128 velocity layers.
  • Improved Mac OS X framework, compatible with OS 10.11 El Capitan.

  • Adaption for Windows 10.
  • New graphical user interface.
  • New premium multisamples on bord.
  • Many performance optimizations.
  • Includes 4 cross-platform installation licenses.

SampleRobot 5 Multi-X is available for purchase for $129 USD / 99 EUR / £85 GBP. SampleRobot 5 Multi-X + WaveRobot is $199 USD / 149 EUR / £129 GBP.

More information: SampleRobot