SKYLIFE has announced the release of an update to its sampling software for Windows and Mac. SampleRobot 6.6 Pro includes support for the Quantum and Iridium synthesizers from Waldorf, both of which are capable of loading custom sample content.

SampleRobot 6.6 Pro can now create Waldorf ‘map’ files with dedicated samples making the sample handling on these instruments as easy as never before.

Furthermore, the sampling assistant ‘Project Wizard’ has been optimized for simple setup of complex sampling sessions. It now features project creation with up to 127 velocity layers and Midi control for the included VST2 Instrument Host.

The Waldorf Connection

Working with large sample libraries can be challenging especially when mapping samples with multiple velocity layers manually. Quantum and Iridium users can respire now. SampleRobot Pro can do all the work – automatically. From recording and loop creation to multi-layer mapping and export all steps are controlled automatically in one application, with projects that even offer a down-sampling and channel-remapping option on export.

It is possible to record high-end quality and export at a lower resolution if there is need for more sampling space on the Quantum or Iridium. The results of SampleRobot’s advanced loop searching algorithms are written to the map file as well. Sustained samples with inaudible loops – no problem. It’s easy to create and export complex multisamples in one go. SampleRobot even writes the whole Quantum and Iridium file structure to a USB or SD storage medium. Just unmount, insert and import – that’s it, designed for the fun of making samples for these creative machines.

Sampling Wizardry

The Project Wizard breaks down the whole sampling process into little steps that are easy to follow. If the user knows little about sampling, the Project Wizard helps a lot. Advanced users also benefit from this fast method to setup a project in SampleRobot. The Project Wizard can now create projects with up to 127 velocity layers. Each velocity layer can hold up to 127 samples. It can get complex, but the Project Wizard will keep it simple for the user.

When creating projects for sampling VST2 instruments, now it is possible to define Midi channel and program change messages to control the loaded instrument in the VST Host. The good thing about sampling VSTis with SampleRobot: Up to 80% time saving with the offline bouncing feature compared to regular recording times. New hints and examples are included along the way with the Project Wizard. Help yourself sampling.

SampleRobot Pro is priced 249 EUR. The update is free for all SampleRobot Pro users of version 6 via the ‘Check for updates’ function in SampleRobot.

More information: SKYLIFE