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SKYLIFE releases SampleRobot Virtual Cable + Instrument Host


SKYLIFE has announced the release of its new SampleRobot Virtual Cable + Instrument Host software bundle.

SampleRobot Virtual Cable is a virtual audio driver for Windows computers. Have you ever wanted to record audio that momentary plays on your computer and save it to your hard drive? Or do you need a possibility to stream audio from one application to another? Maybe you would like to sample virtual instruments?

All this is now possible with SampleRobot Virtual Cable.

SampleRobot Virtual Cable + Instrument HostThe SampleRobot Virtual Cable with Instrument Host allows setting up chains and layers of plugins with ease.

SampleRobot Virtual Cable consists of four independently usable stereo audio streams with fully flexible routing. After installation (32 + 64 bit versions are included) you have four more audio devices on your system: four virtual stereo inputs and four virtual stereo outputs. Record audio from sources like Skype, YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, web radio, virtual instruments etc. (abiding by relevant copyright laws and license agreements). SampleRobot Virtual Cable + Instrument Host is a discrete software bundle that can be used in conjunction with the sampling application SampleRobot as well as independently with other applications. The download is now available on the SKYLIFE STORE.

SampleRobot Instrument Host is the ideal partner for SampleRobot Virtual Cable. Both applications can be installed separatly or in conjunction.

With SampleRobot Instrument Host you can easily create chains and layers of virtual instruments and effects. If you need a high-performance plugin host with streamlined connectivity options, you should take a closer look at SampleRobot Instrument Host.
By visually connecting different VSTis and effects you can easily handle complex setups. Then store your preferred settings as presets. In SampleRobot Instrument Host you have four slots which can be filled with plugins, taking advantage of the four individual audio streams provided by the Virtual Cable since each slot has its own settings for audio input and output.

Last but not least, sampling of virtual instruments and VSTi layers including internal and external effects is now possible with no need for specialized audio hardware. In conjunction with SampleRobot Sampling Suite / Pro / Multi-X / Single-X you can fully automate the process of sampling and create high-performance multi-sample versions of CPU-hungry plugins and chains. When sampling VSTi chains and layerings, the created multi-samples will load up much faster in your DAW than all the desired sound-generating plugins. Furthermore CPU-load is reduced to minimum.

SampleRobot Virtual Cable + Instrument Host features

  • Have four independent stereo virtual audio streams for audio routing between different applications.
  • Make any audio recording application a recorder of live audio streams, played on your computer by web sites / web radio and by applications like Skype, YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, etc. (abiding by relevant copyright laws and license agreements).
  • Create high-performance multi-sample versions of CPU-hungry plugins, layerings and chains (in conjunction with SampleRobot).
  • Save time when loading multi-samples instead of various sound-generating plugins and instances (in conjunction with SampleRobot).
  • SampleRobot Virtual Cable can be accessed system-wide and is compatible with all applications that play / record audio.
  • Works standalone without SampleRobot installation.
  • Smooth integration and interaction with SampleRobot to sample virtual instruments fully automatically, fast and easy.
  • Stack instruments and effects in SampleRobot Instrument Host to allow layering and audio processing during the sampling process.
  • Drag analog-style cable connections in SampleRobot Instrument Host.
  • Save and recall your preferred audio routings and stacking configurations in one go.

The SampleRobot Virtual Cable + Instrument Host is available for Windows, priced at $29.90 USD / 22.90 EUR / £19.90 GBP.

More information: SampleRobot / Virtual Cable + Instrument Host

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