SKYLIFE SampleRobot

SKYLIFE has updated the instrument sampler SampleRobot to version 2.5.

SampleRobot audio software you can “clone” every instrument and turn it into a software instrument automatically. SampleRobot works as a copying machine for instruments featuring advanced recording and auto-loop searching algorithms.

New in v2.5

  • Project Wizard – The Project Wizard helps the user to create complex sampling projects very easily.
  • Audio Engine – From now on it is possible to record audio from an input with dedicated ASIO driver in all bit depths: 8, 16 and 24 bit.
  • Optimized Export Formats – All common software sampler formats are now supported in the Import/Export menu. With version 2.50 the user can export instruments directly to Apple’s Logic Pro EXS 24 (*.sf2), Tascam Gigastudio (*.wav), Emu Emulator X (*.wav), Yellow Tools Independence (*.sf2) and NI Kontakt (*.sf2).
  • New Premium SF2 Instruments – After installing SampleRobot, SampleRobot Essentials and WaveRobot the user will receive download tokens for direct access to the SKYLIFE online premium instruments database.
  • Quick Help: WaveRobot – Beginners and advanced users will benefit from the new short manual that was added to WaveRobot’s help menu.
  • WaveRobot Operation Manual – The comprehensive WaveRobot operation manual (author: Holger Steinbrink) is now completed. Available in English and in German language.
  • Many more improvements

SampleRobot costs $329 US / 289 EUR.

Visit the SampleRobot website for more information.