Slate Digital has announced Virtual Buss Compressors, a new plugin in Slate Digital’s Virtual Analog series.

Slate Digital Virtual Buss Compressors

VBC comprises FG4014, FG8014, and FG MU compressors.

VIRTUAL BUSS COMPRESSORS offer three unique sounding, 100% analog modeled dynamic processors that are ideal for program material.

Every nuance of real analog compressors has been modeled including the exact nonlinear characteristics of their transformers, tubes, vcas, amplifiers, phase distortions, harmonic distortions, and timing.

The first compressor is called the FG4014. It is modern, clean, pristine, and can compress program material in a musical but transparent manner. It is perfect for all types of mixes and masters, and even sounds great on drum overheads and acoustic guitar.

The second compressor is called the FG8014. This analog beast of a compressor is a hybrid model of a famous british console compressor combined with characteristics of another famous compressor known for it’s red faceplate. It’s punchy, fat, tight, and rich sounding, with a drive control that can enhance the transformer saturation to give it even more attitude. It is an amazing buss compressor for all types of music including rock, pop, country, hip hop, house, and more. It also sounds amazing on drum busses and even individual drums like kick snare and toms. This compressor was designed to be the ultimate “dream buss compressor”.

The third compressor is called FG MU. It is modeled after the classic Fairchild 670, but then we added characteristics of two modern Vari MU compressors as well. It is absolutely gorgeous sounding with a warm, fat, deeeeep, musical character that is perfect for all types of music. For mastering, it can add the perfect final bit of glue, air, depth, and transient sparkle.

All of the compressors in the VBC bundle have a variable hi pass filter, AND a mix knob that can be used to control the ratio of the compressed signal to the dry signal. The FG MU can be used in stereo and mid/side. Each compressor can be used in a series, and the series can be rearranged by dragging and dropping. Compressing a mix with each one doing a very little amount can sound amazing! The series also makes it very easy to A/B/C the compressors on source material. Finally, VBC will come with stock presets made by some of the industry’s top mixers.

Virtual Buss Compressors will be available November, 2012, with an introductory price of $199 USD.

More information: Slate Digital