Slate Digital has announced the latest plugin to join the ever-expanding All Access Pass and Complete Access Bundle subscriptions.

Submerge is an advanced automatic sidechain plugin that is designed to create unique, exciting ducking and pumping effects. Traditionally achieved by compressing one sound using another sound as a trigger, Submerge gives you even more control over the shape and depth of your affected sound without needing to set up a compressor sidechain in your DAW.

Submerge features three Trigger modes and eight onboard effects that expand the creative possibilities beyond what is possible when using traditional processes. The plugin also features customizable control curves and sample rate reduction effects for frequency-selective ducking and sound design applications.

As this production technique increases in popularity, Submerge is an incredibly flexible sound design tool that any producer should have in their toolkit.

Submerge features

  • Advanced automatic sidechain plugin.
  • Creates ducking/pumping effect popularized by EDM and hip-hop.
  • 3 trigger modes (auto sync, MIDI and audio).
  • 8 effect types transform ducking/pumping effect.
  • Morph, Depth and Tweak knobs further manipulate sound.
  • A / B mode lets you toggle between two different groups of settings.

Submerge for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX) is available now for All Access Pass and Complete Access Bundle subscribers. It can also be purchased as a perpetual license for $49 USD.

More information: Slate Digital