Slicksquare has released its SVF-42 filter effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

The SVF-42 is an analog state variable filter emulation. The main difference with similar competitors plugins is that we didn’t use FFT algorithms. Instead, we carefully modeled every electronic component of the original circuitry.

Slicksquare SVF-42

All of SVF-42’s parameters are driven with simulated analog level behavior with Slicksquare’s AnalogValue technology.

SVF-42 features

  • Analog modeled State Variable Filter (LPF, BPF and HPF modes). 2 or 4 poles.
  • No FFT algorithm, but true analog components emulation.
  • MIDI notes input to set the cutoff frequency and/or trigger the envelope.
  • 2 VirtualCV inputs for analog-style parameter automation.
  • Internal audio quality is 64-bit double precision with 4x upsampling frequency for the filter section.
  • MIDI-syncable LFO modulator with stereophonic phase adjustment parameter.
  • SSE2 CPU optimization.
  • Dry / Wet mix parameter.
  • Audio input envelope follower for cutoff or resonance modulation.
  • Sidechain input for cutoff or resonance modulation.
  • Unique analog modeled soft clip algorithm.
  • Dry / Wet mix.
  • Left/Right LED Metering.

The plug-in is available for Windows and Mac (VST) for $39.99 USD. An introductory 40% discount is available for a limited time, use coupon SVF42LAUNCH at checkout.