Scott McLean, Tod Stillwell and Suleiman Ali have launched SM Drums, a free deep sampled collector’s acoustic drum kit.

60's Ludwig Oyster Blue Pearl kit

Our aim is to provide immaculately sampled collector drum kits mapped to various popular sampler formats, thus making realistic sampled drums available to all.

Initially, these products were shared on various public forums (such as the Reaper and KVR forum), but now we have decided to consolidate the links into a single website. Here, it is a super drum sample giveaway throughout the year!

SM Drums features a 60’s Ludwig Oyster Blue Pearl drum kit, sampled with up to 8 round robins and up to 127 velocity layers in multi-mic and stereo. The kit is available in Kontakt, Reaper, TX16WX, and raw formats.

More information: SM Drums