SM Pro Audio has announced it is now shipping the V-Machine, a compact VST/VSTi hardware playback module designed to take plug-ins on the road or into the studio and access them directly without a computer.

Multiple plug-ins can be loaded into bank/preset memories of the V-Machine for immediate access and combined into chains, splits, and layers to create extremely rich and unique sounds. Full external MIDI controller support allows users access to available loaded plug-in parameter controls such as virtual dials, switches, and faders.

V-Machine features

  • External hardware host for Windows plugins (VST instruments and effects).
  • Create synth layers and chain them with effects.
  • Multiple VSTi’s can be combined.
  • Banks, presets (incl. chaining, layering, splitting) can be edited with the V-Machine or the host software.
  • All effect and synth chains can be switched latency free.
  • Use software samplers and stream its content from any USB drive.
  • Connect nearly every MIDI-Controller to the V-Machine.
  • MIDI learn functions included.
  • USB-Ports for external peripherals.
  • Sensor to adjust the display’s contrast automatically.

The V-Machine is now available for $599 USD.