Smart Loops MultiTracks

Smart Loops has announced the release of three new sample libraries in the SL MultiTrack series.

Heat up your songs with these new Multi-Track drum loops from Smart Loops! SL MultiTracks drum loop libraries in ACID WAV, and Apple Loops formats, for compatible Mac and PC digital audio workstations.

Each library includes fully mixed stereo loops and individual drum and cymbal loops (Kick, Snare, Hats, Overheads, and Toms).

New SL MultiTrack Libraries

  • 6/8 Fast Rock 2 – Aggressive 6/8 grooves with a ton of variations using hats, toms, and ride. The tom grooves can make for a very dynamic bridge section.
  • Medium-Fast Straight Rock 4 – Aggressive, driving groove for all kinds of rock music, with lots of fills to choose from!
  • Slow-Medium Straight Rock 8 – Just a nice solid groove with this collection. Nothing too fancy. Lots of variations of hats and ride patterns that will work with many different rock styles.

The SL MultiTrack libraries are available to purchase for $14.99 USD each. For a limited time you can download all three libraries for $29 USD.