The new online collaboration and file-sharing service SoftCollab has announced that it is offering up to 5GB free storage to users of its platform.

SoftCollab supports synced playback of multiple files. After receiving a set of stems, you can audition them from the cloud individually or simultaneously, even with a mixture of audio file formats. SoftCollaborators receive an email with a link to get access (no login required), and downloads can be disabled to use it as a previewing tool.

SoftCollab is an online audio stem sharing and management platform that enables musicians and producers to store their audio files on the cloud in shared spaces with collaborators. It uses a common folder-based structure for easily managing projects (songs/tracks) and allows the project owners to manage project-specific members for hassle-free online collaboration.

SoftCollab features

  • 5 GB free storage for your files.
  • On-App synced playback of multiple audio files.
  • Unlimited uploads and downloads.
  • Work on unlimited number of projects.
  • Free Project Sharing with unlimited collaborators.
  • Share full Mixes/Masters with ease.
  • Automated email notifications for new file upload.

Studios and mastering engineers can use SoftCollab to request and ingest files, knowing that stems and tracks will arrive in the right place, and can be previewed once they arrive. The service keeps an activity log and allows comments on uploads.

More information: SoftCollab