Softube has announced availability of its Console 1 Fader, a new addition to the Console 1 mixing ecosystem that combines hardware and software to give users the best of both worlds.

Softube Console 1 Fader

Ten touch-sensitive 100 mm Alps motorized faders give premium professional feel and feedback, while the weighty powder-coated steel chassis means durability and substance in a sleek Scandinavian design.

Fader includes two software-based component-modeled analog console emulations, Tube and Discrete. Way more than a clinical digital tool, Fader enriches sounds in the same ways as a true analog console, from filtering to saturation.

Fader brings new levels of control over the wider world of mixing. Ride up to ten channels at once, working volume, high-and-low-cut filter values, drive and drive character (modeled desk saturation), and more. Then page up for ten more channels. And ten more, giving easy access to the whole mix, even when tracks number into the hundreds.

The single knob on Console 1 Fader offers control of pan per track, but also unlocks a powerful stereo spatialization tool, to widen or consolidate individual tracks, situating each sound perfectly in the mix.

Softube Console 1 Fader combo

Console 1 Fader can be used alone, or in combination with the original Console 1 channel strip controller for a tight ‘complete desk’ experience. Multiple Fader units can even be used together to build the ideal workflow for a specific studio.

Console 1 Fader features

  • A ten-fader Console 1 – hybrid hardware/software mixing ecosystem.
  • High quality hardware, designed and built for both feel and function.
  • Take fast and intuitive control of volume, saturation, filtering, and more.
  • Two awesome-sounding component-modeled console emulations included.
  • Expand your sonic options with Console 1 expansion channel strips .
  • Layer Mode allows you to organise and affect your mix in powerful new ways.
  • Spatializer tool offers fast per-channel control of stereo width.
  • Works with all major DAWs straight out of the box – no MIDI-mapping.
  • Use alone, or in combination with the original Console 1 channel strip.

Console 1 Fader is available now for a retail price of 599 EUR ex. VAT.

More information: Softube