Softube has announced a Reverb & Delay Sale, offering up to 34% off its reverb and delay effect plugins.

Softube Reverb and Delay Sale

Softube reverb and delay effects are discounted until May 15th

Spring has almost come to Sweden and we’d like to celebrate that with a one-month special on our reverbs and delays. So until May 15 you can get TSAR-1, TSAR-1R, Spring Reverb, or Tube Delay at up to 34% discount.

Reverb & Delay Sale

  • TSAR-1 Reverb: $215 (regular $269)
  • TSAR-1R Reverb: $66 (regular $99)
  • Spring Reverb: $66 (regular $99)
  • Tube Delay: $66 (regular $99)
  • Effect Bundle: $149 (regular $199)

Softube is now offering its TSAR-1R reverb effect plug-in separately.

Sortube TSAR-1R

TSAR-1R is the little brother Softube’s TSAR-1 – True Stereo Algorithmic Reverb. It uses the same algorithm but has fewer controls, and with a primary focus on creating naturally sounding spaces. Same sound, easier to use.

TSAR-1R has previously only been available bundled with it’s bigger brother the TSAR-1 and included in the Mix Bundle. Now it is finally introduced as a separate product, at the introductory price of $66 ($99 normal price). This introductory offer ends on May 15.

Installing TSAR-1R is easy but requires a small extra twist since it’s part of a bundle. In the Softube Plug-Ins Control Application, select the TSAR-1 bundle and remove TSAR-1 from the list to the right if you only want TSAR-1R. Done!

More information: Softube