Softube has announced the release of Tape Echoes, a vintage tape echo that sounds as dirty as you’ve always wanted it to.

Tape delays often sound much cleaner than what you envisioned. Tape Echoes delivers old-school tape sounds that are finally as dirty as what you expected—with the ability to go even dirtier.

Skillfully modeled to capture the sound and behavior of vintage tape delay, Tape Echoes offers both classic tape sounds and massive amounts of wow, flutter, drop-outs, and more—all in one easy-to-use plug-in.

The plugin features Drive & Dirt, letting you go clean or extremely distorted, and everything in between.

Tape Echoes is capable of gritty, old-school tape sounds, and old-school dub sounds with lots of distortion, tape wobble, and crushing feedback.

Tape Echoes is on sale at Plugin Boutique at an introductory discount, priced $65 USD with coupon code PBTapeEchoes at the checkout until July 31st, 2021 (regular $99 USD).

It includes Tape Echoes as a native plugin, for Amp Room, and for Modular.

Also new is Amp Room: Marshall Edition, an exclusive edition of the Amp Room pro audio guitar and bass platform that comes loaded with officially licensed Marshall amps and cabs.

The package includes Plexi, Silver Jubilee, JMP 2203, & Bluesbreaker 1962, and the eight cabs from Marshall Cabinet Collection.

Softube Amp Room Marshall Edition

Legendary compressors and EQs, classic amps and cabinets, vintage pedals and mics. Everything you need to produce the absolute best guitar and bass tones—right at your fingertips. Amp Room is the modern, ever-expanding pro audio guitar and bass platform designed with the discerning professional in mind. Amp Room: Marshall Edition is the version especially curated to bring the heritage and prestige of the Marshall Sound.

As the long-time, exclusive software partner of Marshall, Softube are proud to offer the only officially licensed Marshall plug-ins. And Amp Room: Marshall Edition comes fully stacked. In addition to all the amps, cabs, pedals, and gear included in the original Amp Room, you get four legendary Marshall amps and eight classic, rare, and hand-wired cabs from Marshall Cabinet Collection. It’s an incredible collection of iconic gear at a historic value.

Amp Room: Marshall Edition is on sale for $399 USD with coupon code PBMarshall at the checkout (regular $499 USD). The offer is valid through the end of July.

More information: Softube