Softube has announced the availability of the Weiss EQ1, a line-by-line code port boasting 1:1 accuracy of the pioneering original hardware, known as the standard of digital mastering EQs​.

The Weiss EQ1 plugin offers increased functionality of the original algorithms, plus 32-bit/192 kHz operation and updated ergonomics. It comes with easy manual recall of presets that sound and behave exactly like they do in the hardware​.

There’s a reason Weiss Engineering’s EQ1 has been at the top of the heap since its release in 1996. The EQ1’s dazzling sonic qualities combined with its flexibility as either a Minimum Phase EQ, a Linear Phase EQ, or a Dynamic EQ have made it the must-have digital mastering equalizer. The Weiss EQ1 plug-in crystallizes that legacy—in software form.

Weiss Engineering’s go-to hardware and Softube’s workflow and ergonomic advancements combine here to stunning effect. A one-for-one, line-by-line code port of the original, the EQ1 plug-in is the latest and greatest addition to Softube’s successful partnership with Weiss Engineering. EQ1 joins DS1-MK3, MM-1, and more out-of-this-world Weiss + Softube products to prove that Swiss and Swedish engineering make a stellar pair.

Weiss EQ1 features

  • A line-by-line code port of the original Weiss EQ1, the standard-bearer of digital mastering EQs and a must-have for mastering houses worldwide.
  • A surgical Minimum Phase EQ, a true Linear Phase EQ, and a Dynamic EQ—all in one.
  • 7 full-range bands with -39 to +18 db Cut/Boost range.
  • Threshold, Attack, Release and Ratio parameters available on individual bands in Dynamic Advanced Mode.
  • Operates in Minimum Phase, Linear Phase, Dynamic and Dynamic Advanced Modes.
  • High and Low Cut, High and Low Shelving and Peaking Incredible Q-Range of 0.2 to 650 M/S Processing, Solo/bypass individual bands and Link Channels 4 user interface layouts Up to 192kHz sample rates and, with 64-Bit internal processing.
  • Workflow and ergonomic advancements with four adaptable user interfaces.
  • Created in collaboration with—and endorsed by—Weiss Engineering.

The Weiss EQ1 is on sale for the intro price of 499 USD/EUR at Plugin Boutique until June 5th, 2020 (regular USD/549 EUR).

The new Weiss Gambit Series for Console 1 combines core processing elements from Weiss DS1-MK3 and Weiss EQ1 into a knockout channel strip.

It’s here. One of the most highly requested components for Console 1 makes its debut. Introducing the Weiss Gambit Series for Console 1. A painstaking extraction of the top features from two of the most admired digital processors, Weiss DS1-MK3 and Weiss EQ1—plus characteristic extras—the result is the clean, sharp channel strip engineers everywhere have been waiting for.

Joining a storied slew of offerings in the successful partnership of Softube and Weiss Engineering, Weiss Gambit Series gives you the algorithms of the originals. But it also sports exclusive, high-end features such as below-threshold compression. Weiss Gambit Series channel strip for Console 1: created for mastering, now tailor-made for mixing.

Gambit Series for Console 1 features

  • A neat and clean channel strip based on 1:1 code ports of the Weiss DS1-MK3 and EQ1.
  • Created in partnership with—and officially licensed by—Weiss Engineering.
  • Fresh, new sound for the Console 1 ecosystem.
  • Added functionality and features.
  • Thoroughly unique below-threshold compression.

The channel strip is on sale for 169 USD/EUR (regular 299 USD/EUR).

Furthermore, the new Weiss Complete Collection has been launched.

Softube Weiss Collection

The bundle comprises a curated collection of 6 crucial plugins: DS1-MK3, MM-1, Compressor/Limiter, Deess, EQ1, and Gambit Series channel strip for Console 1.

Weiss Complete Collection is 820 USD/EUR during the promotion (regular 999 USD/EUR).

More information: Softube