Softube has introduced two new modules for the Modular plugin that gives you both the sound, flexibility and expandability of a true analog modular synthesizer.

With the World Cup continuously delivering excitement (or teeth-grinding disappointment for some), Softube introduces two new players for your Modular Team; the Softube Quantizer and the Doepfer A-114 Ring Modulator.

If you already own Modular, the new modules are available for free download. Simply update to the latest version of Modular. New buyers will get the new plug-ins included when purchasing Modular.

The Softube Quantizer will take infinite possible values and make them conform to a limited number of options. By taking pitch information and making it conform to a scale for the creation of desirably melodic patches, your new Quantizer will also quantize CV information for other purposes; stepping the progress of an LFO, for example.

Doepfer A-114 Ring Modulator is a simple utility module with complex outcomes. It takes two audio inputs and multiplies them into harmonic-rich super-waveforms that will boost your creativity. Great for making harsh and metallic sounds, bells and chimes, and crackling pulsing basslines, or for throwing incoming acoustic audio into crazy and creative disarray.

Both modules are now available to owners of Modular. New users can still get Modular at only $45 USD until July 1st, 2018 (regular $89 USD) from Softube and distributor Plugin Boutique.