Softube releases Tube-Tech ME 1B & Tube-Tech Classic Channel

Softube Tube-Tech Classic Channel Bundle

Softube has announced the release of the Tube-Tech ME 1B mid-range equalizer, and the Tube-Tech Classic Channel bundle.

The ME 1B is a fantastic sounding eq, especially on vocals and guitars, and a constant reminder that the mid-range is the most important frequency band in a mix (which we sometimes forget…)

The Tube-Tech Classic Channel is a bundle that consists of our three Tube-Tech products and the combined Classic Channel. It is is a new take on a vintage channel strip, unmatched by others in its exclusivity and warm sound by combining the most famous and classic Tube-Tech gear. In short, it’s not something that just gets the job done – it’s your dream channel strip.

Classic Channel is available to purchase for $699 USD, the ME 1B Mid-range EQ is $199 USD.

More information: Softube

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Excellent graphics, stupid concept, ridiculous prices. Only for ubergeeks who like to fiddle with shiny knobs while fantasizing they are mixing wizards… and there are many of those kind.