Solcito Musica has released version 2.0 of Crio, a free virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Solicito Musica Crio 2.0

Crio is a virtual monophonic analog/FM synthesizer to make arpeggios, bass, solos, leads, FX-style sounds, to be used at studio or live. Minimal controls, maximum functionality.

Changes in Crio v2.0

  • Solved lost LFO modulations in certain host and DAWs.
  • Added “Eco CPU” button to save CPU.
  • Added Ring Modulation.
  • Added modulations from Env and from LFO to the selected “mod frq” in the Oscillator.
  • Added more frequencies in the “mod frq” selector in the Oscillator.
  • Maximum envelope times were extended.
  • Expanded the LFO rate range when the selector “rate source” is set to “synt”.
  • Added option of 2 octaves to the suboscillator.
  • Improved sensibility in the knob “cut” of the filter.
  • Now the phase relationship in the Oscillator is set automatically, so the push-button “phase – reset” was removed.
  • Now the trigger push-button (F1) in the LFO works on both options of the “trigger” selector: “kbd” and “free”. Previously only worked on “kbd”.
  • Improved the pitch wheel performance.
  • Eliminated artifacts in the attack of notes when selected quantized noise wave in the LFO.
  • Increased the maximum volume of audio output.
  • Added a limiter to avoid unwanted audio clips.
  • The preset panel allows to view longer preset names.
  • There’s less keys in the keyboard of the GUI.
  • Presets of previous versions can be loaded but those are not 100% compatible.

Crio for Windows (VST) is available for download as freeware.

More information: Solcito Musica / Crio