Solcito Musica has announced an update to the SuperSonico virtual analog synthesizer instrument for Windows.

This synth is suitable for classic analog sounds, strings, bass, brass, leads, organs, atmospheres, pads, drums, emulations, toon sounds, etc. Its Sub-Oscillator includes an optional single low octave that is repeated along the keyboard. When doing a click on some controls or zones, it will appear a contextual help.

Changes in SuperSonico v7.8

  • Added window size selection.
  • Internal debugging.
  • The “Eco CPU” and “Panic” buttons were relocated.
  • The Home Help button (before called Help Start) now is hidden when not needed.
  • Presets of previous version still compatible.

SuperSonico for Windows is free to download as a 32/64-bit VST plugin.

More information: Solcito Musica