Solid State Logic has announced the release of its latest Fusion-based plugin release.

As on the original Fusion hardware processor, the new SSL Fusion HF Compressor plugin affects only the frequencies above the X-OVER, and is designed to deliver smooth compression and a tape-like high frequency roll off to tame unwanted harshness that can build up in a mix, or within individual stems. The HF Compressor’s ratio, attack and release controls are all optimized for maximum transparency.

Jonathan Sandman, Product Manager – SSL Studio Plug-in comments:

“Analogue colours and tone are at the core of the Fusion hardware, and the HF Compressor module is a key component for many owners. The gentle and pleasing analogue compression can do anything from taking the edge off overly bright mixes and masters, to soothing electric guitars and taming hi-hats. The plug-in model of the HF Compressor is an incredibly easy-to-use tool for both ITB and hybrid producers, bringing the smooth and refined sound of analogue HF rounding to the DAW workflow.”

SSL Fusion HF Compressor features

  • Delivers analog-style HF rounding for taming brittle high-frequencies.
  • Modeled using a combination of real-life measurements, analog circuit designs, and close collaboration with the original designers Fusion hardware.
  • Ratio, attack and release optimized for maximum transparency.
  • MIX for instant parallel processing.
  • AUTO GAIN introduces an automatic makeup gain to only the compressed frequencies, retaining HF rounding but not loosing level.
  • The Gain Reduction History graph and Gain Reduction meter make it easy to visualize the effect of the circuit.
  • Use LISTEN to solo the frequencies that are being compressed and removed from the signal..
  • ECO mode: Reduce latency and CPU-use, for tracking and recording purposes.
  • Built on the SSL Plug-in Engine.
  • Built-in help Simply click the ‘?’ symbol and mouseover the GUI for more information .
  • Comes with presets from world-class producers and engineers Adrian Hall, Caesar Edmunds and Sean Divine.

Available now in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac, the plugin is available at Solid State Logic and from Plugin Boutique for an introductory price of $149 USD until December 29th, 2021 (regular $199 USD). It is also part of the SSL Complete Bundle Subscription from $14.99 USD per/month.