Solid State Logic has announced its the release of its latest plugin SSL X-Gate, a precision gate processor with advanced SSL workflow.

Featuring a rolling waveform graph, mid/side processing options and tweakable hysteresis using independent open & closed thresholds, X-Gate builds upon the company’s renowned knowledge of hardware gates, all delivered through SSL’s advanced workflow interface. The new plug-in is suitable for music and content creators alike and delivers a unique range of features for extended sound sculpting — an invaluable tool for sound design, audio restoration and of course, mixing.

“X-Gate continues to expand the SSL plug-in offering with a comprehensive but easy-to-use surgical gating tool for mixing, live and broadcast applications.” commented Jonathan Sandman, Plug-ins Product Manager at SSL. “Fast, snappy and precise, X-Gate is guaranteed to be your new workhorse plug-in for shaping drums and other instruments, adding punch to your mixes, and transparently fixing ghost notes, noise or room bleed.”

In addition to M1 processor compatibility, X-Gate also introduces variable lookahead times and zero additional plug-in latency at the lowest setting, making it a perfect tool for tracking situations where mic bleed can distract from the primary source material. Meantime, its EXP and DUCK modes allow either transparent gating or ducking options; ducking is typically used for attenuating a signal when it exceeds a certain threshold, and this can be used in conjunction with a DAW’s sidechain function for intelligent ducking.

SSL X-Gate features

  • Easy-to-use threshold and range controls, visually aligned with waveform graph and gain reduction meter for coordinated control.
  • Rolling waveform visualization graph for setting the perfect threshold.
  • Attack, release and hold time parameters gives detailed control over the shaping of the audio.
  • Tune the performance of the gate using the interactive filter graph to apply high- and low-pass filters the sidechain signal.
  • Use the expander mode and accompanying knee control for a more transparent option: make quiet signals quieter and expand the dynamic range of the signal.
  • Simple discrete lookahead options for minimizing the latency when using a lookahead.
  • Transform the plugin into a production ducker with a single click – use duck mode to invert the sidechain logic, attenuating the signal only when it exceeds the threshold i.e., to duck the music when you speak into your microphone.
  • Tri-color traffic light cues give a clear indication on the momentary open/closed/hold state of the gate.
  • Use the mid/side processing options to trigger the gate in creative ways or gate only the mono or stereo components on the signal.
  • Sidechain and gate audition modes.
  • Apple M1 processor compatible.

X-Gate for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX) is on sale for the intro price of $89 USD at the SSL store and from Plugin Boutique until July 28th, 2022 (regular $129 USD). The plugin is also included in the SSL Complete Bundle Subscription.