Solid State Logic has launched an End of Summer Sale on the X-EQ2, offering over 85% off on the mastering grade 24-band parametric EQ for a few days only.

X-EQ 2 is the ultimate SSL EQ toolkit for audio professionals. Built upon SSL’s proprietary anti-cramping algorithms, X-EQ 2 simply sounds stunning. With 17 different classic and modern EQ type/curve options, X-EQ 2 is a formidable and powerful contender to be your new ‘go-to’ EQ plug-in.

X-EQ2 features

  • 24-band fully parametric high quality digital EQ, featuring unique SSL anti-cramping algorithms.
  • DSP Optimisation makes X-EQ 2 super efficient and CPU light.
  • A total of 17 different filter types: 5 different cut filters, 9 bell shapes, shelving filters, a parallel mode, and custom filters.
  • Extensive control options including draggable EQ graph nodes, mouse wheel adjustment and numerical data entry.
  • Extremely low noise and low non-linear distortion filter algorithms resulting in the residual THD+N significantly lower than 24-bit quantisation noise.
  • Mid/Side and Left/Right spatial processing options.
  • Individual band solo and bypass.
  • Real-time FFT analysis display.
  • Inclusion of Phase & Step response graphs to show the effect of EQ processing.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats, the plugin is on sale for $39.99 USD until September 20th, 2021 (regular $299 USD). Prices ex. tax where applicable.

More information: Solid State Logic