Solid State Logic (SSL) has announced the release of Soundscape V6, a high performance DAW for mission critical applications.

Soundscape V6 is the next evolutionary leap for the well established and respected Soundscape DAW. Designed for mission critical applications including Live Recording, Broadcast and Restoration, Soundscape is distinctive by its no-nonsense approach to workflow and reliability.

Building on the highly robust performance for which Soundscape has deservedly become known, Soundscape V6, in combination with the new MX4 PCIe card, provides ultra reliable performance, benchmark audio quality and a feature set designed for challenging professional environments. Headline features include; 128 channel simultaneous recording, benchmark audio quality, SSL Console Bundle plug-ins, dual 64 channel MADI I/O ports, exceptionally low latency, extremely versatile routing and monitoring options, local or networked file storage, 64-bit drivers and extremely efficient utilisation of multi-core processors.

Soundscape V6 Key Features

  • High channel count – up to 128 channels of simultaneous audio record/playback.
  • Optimized for real time performance – near zero latency, sophisticated monitoring options.
  • Total reliability – extremely robust system delivers industrial strength stability.
  • Requires MX4 PCIe card – dual 64 channel I/O, DSP, multi-core multi-client drivers.
  • Sounds superb – benchmark SSL audio quality inside the box from recording to mixdown.
  • Highly evolved User Interface – streamlined Audio Editing with many workflow options.
  • SSL channel EQ, Dynamics and Bus Comp plug-ins – DSP powered legendary SSL sound inside the box.
  • Hybrid Core Processing – 64 Bit drivers utilising MX4 card DSP and multi core host processing.
  • Multi format projects – 16/24 Bit & different file formats on a single track without converting.
  • Local or networked collaboration – multiple users connected via standard Gigabit Ethernet.

Soundscape V6 will be available from May 2010. The standard MX4 & Soundscape V6 bundle will be priced £1558 GBP + Tax / 2448 EUR + Tax. A range of upgrade bundle options will be available to existing Soundscape owners.

More information: Solid State Logic