Solidtrax has introduced a new sound pack for the Corona software synthesizer by discoDSP.

Evolved contains a collection of 51 fresh presets, including arps, bass, brass, drums, leads, pads, piano, plucks, sfx, stabs, and strings.

Evolved is a new sound expander that focuses on sounds suitable for a broad variety of genres like pop from the 80s, synth wave, retro wave but also trance and techno.

The much improved Corona synthesizer got even better with features like better sound quality, more distortion models, extra filters, new analog envelopes curves, but also the ability to apply zoom on the GUI. So that’s why in our opinion Corona is still an extremely versatile and capable synthesizer to create very unique and convincing sounds.

All sounds use velocity, mod wheel and make heavy use of the modulation matrix. They are created with Corona version R5.1

The soundset is available to purchase for 9 EUR.

More information: Solidtrax