Solidtrax has announced the release of Vivid Spaces, a reverb expander pack for the Verberate 2 plugin by Acon Digital.

The pack includes 118 reverb presets for piano, guitar, woodwinds, vocals, synths and more. Insert and send versions are available for every preset.

We believe that Verberate2 is a ground breaking reverb, offering a very high sense of realism and transparency, making it an ideal reverb for acoustical instruments and vocals in particular. Thanks to the unique Vivid Hall algorithm, it also is capable of creating a very lush reverb tail, making it an ideal reverb on EDM oriented sounds too.

This pack will provide you with natural and realistic sounding rooms, chambers, halls and plates, as well as reverbs that are out of this world. Your next mix deserves some space!

The presets pack is available for 15 EUR ex. VAT where applicable. Use coupon code VIVIDSPACES during the checkout to get a 33% discount. This code is valid until January 19th, 2020.

More information: Solidtrax