Solo Stuff has released KnobVersion, a soundset for the Diversion software synthesizer by Dmitry Sches.

KnobVersion is my first sound bank for the powerful synthesizer Diversion, containing 425 presets. This synth has a unique architecture and incorporates little toys that can produce from typical trance sounds to the most wild circuit bent havok.

This more or less comprehensive sound bank was created in the aim to try to explore the sonic capabilities of Diversion without concentrating heavily on a certain genre. The main motive here is creativity, and to help you deviate out of the norms, while still providing you with usable and musical presets.

KnobVersion features

  • 425 creative presets in many sound genres.
  • 75 additional variations presets, going beyond the XY and mod wheel variations for more interesting results.
  • Each preset has been professionally tuned to produce high quality results.
  • All presets (except a few) are modulated using XY master morph + modulation wheel mapped where applicable.
  • Includes a short manual containing useful tips for beginners to intermediate users of Diversion.

The KnobVersion soundset is available to purchase for the introductory price of $20 USD until March 31st, 2012 (regular $40 USD).

More information: Solo Stuff