Sonalksis SV-719 Analogue Gate

Sonalksis has recently launched their latest product, the Sonalksis SV-719.

The Sonalksis SV-719 is an analogue-modelled dynamics processor developed for professional audio applications. In keeping with the other plug-ins in the Sonalksis ‘SV’ series, it employs unique design methods to provide a gate/expander with true ‘Analogue’ characteristics

Now this one doesn’t come cheap (currently USD 259.99/EUR 209.99), but it according to Sonalksis the SV-719 is the most extensively featured gate/expander available. Aside from all the standard gate parameters, it features external side-chain inputs, multiple band side-chain filtering, midi triggering capability, and independent left/right channel triggering possibilities. In addition, a hybrid analogue/digital signal chain path allows look-ahead processing if required.

Additional features

  • Separate gate and expander models, with soft or hard-knee expansion capability
  • Ducking capability – a mechanism often used in voiceover production, but which can also be used creatively for example to de-emphasize effects which might cloud a mix when there’s too much going on
  • Zero latency throughput – enables the gate to be used in the monitor path for tracking situations
  • Sonalksis ‘State-space’ physical model design for true analogue response
  • 64bit floating point precision internal processing throughout
  • Support for sampling rates of up to 192 kHz
  • Ultra efficient processing, with specific optimisations for all native processors
  • Support for most native plug-in formats on OS X and Windows

A fully functional 30-day demo is available for download.

Visit Sonalksis for more information on the Sonalksis SV-719.