Sonalksis SV-315 Mk2

Sonalksis has released version 2.04 of the Essentials plug-in suite (SV-315 Mk2 Compressor, SV-517 Mk2 Equaliser, SV-719 Analogue Gate).

Changes in Essentials v2.04

  • Ported to Digidesign Audiosuite format.
  • Improved cross-platform session handling.
  • Support display of Unicode characters in names.
  • Mousewheel: handling for plugins via hook added for all hosts, functionality added for text boxes, sensitivity improved, and Mousewheel/Drag interaction handling improved.
  • Non “Velocity Sensitive” mode now works with Wacom tablets.
  • GUI “Off switch” (plug-in bypass) switches off all LEDS.
  • Stop signal LED from locking “on” when bypassed.
  • RTAS: Sample rate problem fixed, shelf bug fixed, added Alt+Ctrl (Apple/Win) -click to open automation menu, and added functionality to display automated boxes when automated.
  • AU: Fix preset handling subtlety.
  • 315Mk2/719: VST External sidechaining issue for Ableton Live, fixed disappearing ‘:’ bug, and anti-aliased line-plot.
  • 517Mk2: Fix random crashes in 517Mk2 on instantiation (pref. bug), throttle FFT redraw rate, improve display of 517Mk2 graph on XP, and fix Q-dragging (right click).
  • 719: Fix bug with saved settings for 719.

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