Sonarworks has announced the launch of a Spring Sale on selected SoundID Reference products.

For a limited time, music producers, sound engineers, and audio enthusiasts can take advantage of exclusive discounts on upgrade products, allowing them to elevate their audio mixing experience to new heights.

SoundID Reference software products have revolutionized the way creators approach audio mixing. By providing the ability to calibrate sound on a wide range of headphones and speakers, SoundID Reference empowers users to mix with confidence in any environment, be it in the studio or on-the-go. With its advanced calibration technology, Sonarworks ensures accurate and consistent sound reproduction, enabling professionals and amateurs alike to achieve reliable results.

As part of the Spring Sale, Sonarworks is offering attractive discounts on upgrade products for existing SoundID Reference users. Customers with stereo products can enjoy a generous 30% discount on upgrades, with prices starting as low as $59 USD, depending on the current version they hold. Additionally, those using multichannel products can avail themselves of a 20% discount on upgrades. This limited-time offer allows users to unlock the latest features and enhancements, further improving their audio mixing capabilities.

In addition to the Spring Sale, Sonarworks has announced the expansion of the supported headphones list for SoundID Reference. With an ever-growing roster of compatible headphones, Sonarworks continues to prioritize compatibility and aims to deliver an optimized listening experience across a wide range of devices.

This expansion allows even more users to benefit from the precise sound calibration that Sonarworks provides. Among recently added models can be found:

  • Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation).
  • Audeze MM-500.
  • Audix A140.
  • Audix A145.
  • Audix A150.
  • Audix A152.
  • Bose QuietComfort 45.
  • Direct Sound DS-74.
  • Direct Sound DS-73.
  • Focal Stellia.
  • HiFiMAN Ananda.
  • Hifiman Arya.
  • Logitech Zone Vibe 100.
  • Marshall Major IV Bluetooth.
  • Rode NTH-100.
  • Sony WH-1000XM5.
  • Neumann NDH 30.
  • Warm Audio Headroom.

The Spring Sale offer on SoundID Reference products is available exclusively on the Sonarworks website until May 25th, 2023. Additionally, Plugin Boutique is offering a 30% discount on selected Sonarworks products until May 24th.

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