Sonarworks is embracing the new era of the virtual world by becoming the first-ever pro audio company to create and distribute a free NFT collection. The company is launching 3D Fantasy Studios, a free NFT collection offered to all current Sonarworks clients as well as anyone who purchases SoundID from now until November 28th.

With this campaign, Sonarworks is further embracing new-age creators and the opportunities that exist through blockchain technology.

Current and new Sonarworks clients can claim their own Fantasy Studios NFT before the end of the campaign on November 28th. Fantasy Studio token will be stored on the Polygon blockchain, and the visual asset tied to it will be stored on the decentralized storage protocol IPFS. The ability to view the NFT at any time can be accessed on NFTSCAN, Opensea, or any other Polygon block explorer. Owners can view their NFT any time through NFTSCAN, Opensea, or any other Polygon block explorer.

“At Sonarworks, we have always prided ourselves on supporting creators, and we are excited to offer this free digital artwork to all of our valued users,” said Martins Popelis, Co-Founder of Sonarworks. “As one of the first pro audio companies to enter the NFT space, we are embracing the evolution of the music industry and encourage artists to express their creativity in the digital world with their own Fantasy Studio.”

The digital artwork offered is a collection of unique, lively imaginary music production 3D studios with unique sound signature that once printed out come alive through the Overly app. Fantasy Studios serves as a representation of SoundID Reference users’ ability to create wherever inspiration takes them. This collection was created in collaboration with award-winning street artist Kiwie, who through his work aims to bring ownership to street art through Blockchain technology.

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