Isotonik Studios has introduced a new Max for Live device by Dillon Bastan in collaboration with Alina Kano. Songbird is a bird flock simulator that brings the sounds of up to 32 birds to Ableton Live.

Songbird is a MaxForLive audio instrument featuring a simulation of a flock of birds, each bird having its own model of a syrinx (a bird vocal organ) as well as a model of a simple birdbrain that controls the syrinx to create different syllables. Each bird’s position, speed, angle, etc in the flock can be mapped to various parameters as modulation sources.

This device yields anything from textures, drones, rhythms, harsh/haunting/noisy/pretty tones, generative soundscapes, odd melodies, and of course different sounding bird calls!

Songbird is available to purchase for £18 GBP. It requires Ableton Live 10/11 (Suite or Standard with Max for Live installed).

More information: Isotonik Studios