Sonible has launched a limited time sale, offering discounts off up to 45% on its live audio technology.

Sonible Festival Sale

Our ml:1 is a robust, multi-functional USB DI-Box for first class audio playback. Turn your laptop, tablet or smartphone into a high quality playback device or use the rugged box for clean symmetrical signal routing. The integrated test tone generator makes quick pre-soundchecks easy.

Adaptive EQ technology smart:EQ live is more than just another audio plug-in. It’s your new intelligent mixing assistant and feedback safety net. Prepare your in-signals with just a few clicks. Latency-free smart:EQ live is true set-&-forget. Stop troubleshooting, start mixing now!

During the sale you can buy ml:1 for 299 EUR and get smart:EQ live free (regular value 528 EUR).

The ml:1 is also on sale separately at 25% off, priced at 225 EUR, and smart:EQ live is 45% off, priced at only 125 EUR.

The offer ends May 5th, 2018.

More information: Sonible