The Austrian pro-audio startup sonible has announced the switch to a direct sales model for all its products and the launch of a completely redesigned website centered around a new web shop.

sonible’s move towards direct distribution enables the company to lower prices across its product portfolio by up to 30% while also serving the founding team’s mission to remain in close touch with customer needs. “Bypassing third-party distributors cuts out the intermediary and lets us talk directly to the users of our products,” explains CEO Ralf Baumgartner. Accompanying the new sales model is the launch of a new corporate website ( with a clean interface and a convenient online shop for all software and hardware products.

The focus on customer contact is also reflected in the upcoming release of a plug-in series called frei:suite, which offers each processing layer of the award-winning frei:raum software as an individual plug-in. “Over the past few months we’ve learned that a good number of customers focus on a single dedicated layer of frei:raum. By splitting the software package into three individual tools, we are responding to customer feedback and are providing a set of sleek new tools at a competitive price point,” Peter Sciri, co-founder of sonible explains.

The official release of the plug-in series frei:suite is scheduled for June 2016.

More information: sonible