Sonible has introduced two new audio plugins for analyzing and metering spectral distribution, loudness and dynamics. These new tools boast sonible’s intuitive interface design, interactive visualization and straightforward, no-fuss approach.

sonible’s new metering plug-ins, true:balance and true:level, radically improve and streamline audio workflows. Both plug-ins feature a range of target-oriented reference options that draw from a vast amount of audio data and hands-on mixing experience.

Catering to the practical needs of users with varying levels of expertise, these reference options are designed for maximum consistency and efficiency.

True:balance offers all the necessary info and guidance for taking the right steps towards optimizing the spectral balance and mono compatibility of your mix, while true:level visualizes the interplay between loudness and dynamics in a meaningful way, making it immediately apparent if a mix is ready to publish.

true:balance and true:level features

  • Dedicated focus on spectral distribution and loudness and dynamics.
  • Real-time metering with insightful visualization.
  • A vast range of reference options for an efficient workflow.
  • Straightforward and intuitive user interface.
  • Balance and Level Checks for reliable changes.

True:balance and true:level are included in the Metering Bundle, which is on sale for 69 EUR for a limited time (regular 99 EUR).

The plugins are also available to purchase individually for 49 EUR each during the promotion (regular 69 EUR each) from the Sonible store and from distributor Plugin Boutique.