Sonible has launched a sale on its smart:limit intelligent limiter effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

The plugin delivers limiter settings that let your mix breathe and gives you all the loudness and dynamics info you need for confident publishing.

smart:limit is all about worry-free limiting: Its intelligent processing will preserve the detail of your track and provide a transparent, uncompromised limiting quality. With smart:limit’s extensive loudness and dynamics monitoring, you won’t have to use any additional metering plug-ins. Besides providing you with all the necessary loudness information in real-time for confident publishing, smart:limit guides you towards hitting the safe zone requirements of streaming platforms or loudness standards – and gives you feedback via interactive Quality Check hints.

Available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats, smart:limit is on sale for only $89 USD. The smart:bundle comprising smart:limit, smart:reverb, smart:EQ 3 and smart:comp is $199 USD during the promotion.

The offer is valid at the Sonible shop and from distributor Plugin Boutique until February 28th, 2022.