Sonic Anomaly has re-released its Transpire transient processor plugin. The updated version features a new GUI, improved CPU optimization, code rewrite, sensitivity control, reduced latency, and tweaks to sound.

Sonic Anomaly Transpire

Transpire is a transient processor. It can enhance or dampen the initial attack and the sustain (body) of sound. Transpire has been designed to work well with drums and percussion.

It does not operate linearly, which means small transients are being affected relatively stronger than large transients. This is good for bringing up smaller details while not overloading on large hits. As a result, percussive tracks can sound more steady and controlled compared to traditional transient enhancers.

Transpire features

  • Attack enhance or dampen.
  • Sustain enhance or dampen.
  • Sensitivity controls the amount of details which Transpire can process. Small sensitivity will suit better for non-percussive material.
  • Output is hard clipped at -0.1dB.

Transpire is available to download as a VST plugin for Windows, and JSFX for Reaper on Windows and Mac. The original version has been discontinued.

More information: Sonic Anomaly