Sonic Assault Sinthecyza! 3.2

Sonic Assault has updated Sinthecyza! to versions 3.2 and 4.2.

Sinthecyza! 3.2 is a Tri-Envelope Sub-Osc Synth and 4.2 adds Phase Distortion.


  • v3: Unison oscillator was replaced with standard version, to eliminate audible aliasing noise
  • v3: Sine and triangle waves added
  • v3: Independent wave switching of both the main and sub oscillators
  • v3: Pulse width control added to the sub oscillator
  • v3: Phase control added to the main oscillator
  • v3/v4: Fixed bug io the velocity sensitivity and keyboard tracking
  • v3/v4: Internal layout improvements resulting in lower CPU use
  • v3/v4: Graphical changes

Visit Sonic Assault for more information and a link to download Sinthecyza synths.