Sonic Bloom has announced ConChord by Max for Cats, a pulse driven chord step sequencer for Ableton Live.

The device features one finger transposition and allows you to create much more musical and intricate patterns on the spot.

Max for Cats ConChord UI

The MIDI effect offers 8 steps, which are triggered by pulses and each step can have a different stage with a variable pulse length from 0 to 7 pulses per step. You can of course adjust Time, Swing as well as the play direction. This allows for quite interesting musical results since it is very easy to introduce complexity within the simple pattern of an 8 step sequencer with a maximum of 56 pulses.

With the carefully chosen feature set, you are in full control of ConChord. The features from the pages of the MIDI effect can be mixed and matched, making very complex patterns possible.

ConChord is available for 15 EUR / $18 USD incl. VAT when applicable.

More information: Sonic Bloom