Sonic Bloom has announced the release of Ploid!, a free drone & noise generator by Max for Cats for Max for Live.

Electronic music needs some wild sounds thrown in sometimes. That’s why Max for Cats created the Ploid! device. And best of all, it’s free for all Max for Live users. We hope you will have lots of fun with it!

Dialectic Machine, meditation of the suburbs. Anti-Histogram decomposer, interactive pseudo-navigation enhancement device. Logos machinery for composing scenery.

Ploid! features

  • 8 generators, multiply ascenders.
  • 8 x-factor switches.
  • 8 xy-range destinations.
  • 2 algorithm bakery.
  • Modulation generator with 6 waveforms.
  • Random seed function.
  • Volume fader.

Ploid! is a free download. Requires Live 9 and Max 7.

More information: Sonic Bloom / Ploid!