Sonic Lion has released Nitrox, a free VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

Sonic Lion Nitrox

Nitrox is an analog type syntheziser with three oscillators, two stereo filters and a fully equipped stereo effects bank.

The unique thing about Nitrox is its comprehensiveness paired with high flexibility and numerous modulation possibilities. The oscillators, filters and effects have been implemented with sound quality in mind.

Nitrox features

  • 3 versatile oscillators with PWM, FM, Hard Sync, AM, Ring, etc.
  • 5 built-in + 5 custom wave forms, 3 wave shapers, 2 stereo filters.
  • Effects bank with 3 independent effect units (chorus/flanger, phaser, echo, reverb, filter, formant).
  • Several modulation sources (5 ADSR, 4 LFO, 5 custom envelopes, 5 mini sequencers).
  • Up to 16 voices.
  • Parameter automation, easy linking of parameters to MIDI controllers.

Nitrox is available as a donationware VST instrument for Windows PC.