Sonic Refills for Reason 3

Sonic Reality, who has contributed sounds to the Reason 3 factory sound bank, has worked closely with Propellerhead to offer Reason a whole new level of third-party sound support with the release of the Reason 3 Sonic Refills.

Each of these highly affordable collections in this 20 volume series offers great, playable instruments and patches, meticulously recorded and expertly programmed for each of the modules in Reason 3, including the NNXT Sampler, Mälstrom, Subtractor, ReDrum, Scream, Dr Rex, Matrix, MClass Mastering FX, and others.

Sonic Reality has now taken the Sonic Refill Series to new heights with the addition of a custom Combinator module in each volume. Each title’s Combinator module patches have their own custom graphics and this gives the look and feel of having a sound module plug-in within Reason!

Visit the Sonic Refills site for more information on the different volumes.