Sonic Zest has launched eBow Mandolin, a virtual mandolin instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Sonic Zest eBow Mandolin

The eBow (energy bow) is a hand held string resonator, that uses an electromagnetic field to produce a clean bow sound. The device is held over the string being played, the eBow’s magnetic begins to vibrate the string.

Mandolin’s, like other plucked stringed instruments, typically have a short attack and a short sustain. The result of eBowing a mandolin is a very slow attack followed by an infinite sustain. The eBow is therefore a powerful tool in unleashing a new sound from this classic instrument.

eBow Mandolin features

  • A completely unique Kontakt instrument of a Mandolin being eBowed.
  • Features both legato and polyphonic patches.
  • Instantly playable.
  • 50 MB download (113 MB when extracted).
  • 2x round robins.
  • Full Kontakt required.

The library is available to purchase for the introductory price of $16 USD.

More information: Sonic Zest / eBow Mandolin