Sonic Zest has announced the release of the Harmonic Songbird Synth, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt featuring sounds created with harmonics from electric guitars.

Sonic Zest Harmonic Songbird Synth

Ideal for deep house and cinematic soundscapes, the sounds of the guitars can be layered and stacked with a host of synth sounds, including marimbas, plucks, analog synths and sine waves.

We set out to build a synthesiser, within Kontakt, where deeply sampled electric guitar harmonics from a Telecaster and a Les Paul act as the oscillators and a powerful engine with a beautiful GUI allows you to modulate your sounds and create interesting textures.

Harmonic Songbird Synth features

  • Deeply sampled harmonics from a Fender Telecaster and Les Paul.
  • Synth sounds to layer the harmonics with – think plucks, marimbas, analog etc.
  • Beautiful GUI and powerful effects engine.
  • Loads of presets – basses, pads, leads etc.
  • 4x round robins (plus borrowed round robins).
  • 0.4GB of samples.

The library is on sale for the intro price of $20 USD until August 9th, 2020 (regular $40 USD). The full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher is required.

More information: Sonic Zest