Featuring over 1300 24 bit samples, Variable Ambience Drums is another superb value sampled instrument from Soniccouture.

Recorded in stunning detail on an SSL9000 series console, the drum kit features separately recorded room ambience, allowing the user to exactly tailor the drum sound using MIDI controllers. This allows you to have a dry, tight kick drum, with a big reverb snare, or a booming kick with tight, dry hats…any combination is possible and instantly achievable with the tweak of a knob… (Formats : N.I. Battery 1 & 2, Kontakt 1 & 2)

V.A. Drums features 8 different drum kits:

  1. Variable Ambience Kit 1
  2. Variable Ambience Kit 2
  3. Variable Ambience Brush Kit
  4. V.A. All Snares Kit
  5. V.A. All Kicks Kit
  6. Produced Kit – Medium ambience kit with compression and EQ
  7. Zepeplin Kit – Loud,highly compressed Rock kit
  8. Anechoic Kit

Variable Ambience Drums will be shipping October 28th but you can already order now. Check the Soniccouture website for more information.