Soniccouture Grand Marimba

Soniccouture has released Grand Marimba, a Kontakt sample library featuring a 5 octave Yamaha 6100 series.

When we decided to sample a marimba, we knew we wanted to find a 5 octave concert model. There’s something very special about the enormous bass notes of a full sized model. The Yamaha 6100 model, which was designed in collaboration with world-renowned marimba legend Keiko Abe, seemed to be the natural choice.

A descendant of the african balafon, the modern marimba originated in Mexico, and is typified by wooden (rosewood or the cheaper padauk) bars mounted above metal resonator tubes, which can be tuned using stops.

The 6100 marimba represents the absolute state of the art, with exclusive precision tuning which ensures true pitch and a full sound, while the Honduran Rosewood bars and welded resonators give rattle-free playing.

Soniccouture Grand Marimba

The Grand Marimba’s main Instrument panel, containing ADSR controls, a filter section with envelope modulation, and stereo width with Flip.

Grand Marimba features

  • 7.45 GB sample library – 3.4GB on disc with Kontakt NCW compression.
  • 24 Bit 96khz stereo sampling.
  • Over 5000 samples.
  • 5 octaves from C1 to C6.
  • 4 articulations: Mallet, Stick, Roll, Bowed.
  • 5 round robin layers for the Mallet articulation, up to 15 velocity layers on the Mallet articulation.
  • Fully controllable KSP Tremolo processor.
  • Humanise KSP controls.
  • Sound design presets included.
  • Demo MIDI files included.
  • Custom effects panel with Soniccouture impulse repsonse reverb library.
  • Compatible with free Kontakt Player – VST AU RTAS.

The Grand Marimba library is available to purchase for 99 EUR inc. VAT.

More information: Soniccouture / Grand Marimba