sonicLAB has released version 6 of its Cosmosf FX stochastic live audio processor.

Cosmosƒ FX6 meets the “Object” engine, offers new “Resonator” filters and full MIDI controller assignment.

Changes in Cosmosf FX6

  • FX6 meets the Object engine, a gesture recorder for every parameter of Cosmosf. The Object has 2150 tracks to capture and carry on the user interaction on Cosmosf event generation and its parameter space. This give a great detail of human intervening on a stochastic sound generator accessing the space between fully deterministic and fully stochastic boundaries.
  • FX6 also features a Resonator filter section, where 6 Resonators can be applied on each meso event. Their frequency and gain values can be modulated with stochastic distribution and various motion behavior such as glissandi can be applied on them.
  • Now there is full MIDI controller assignment possibility on Cosmosf FX6 besides the OSC control.
  • Cosmosf FX6 renders its output in stereo + HOA Ambisonic 3D sound field compatible with industry standard ambisonic decoders. An ambisonic audio compatible DAW is needed for accessing the full surround sound features of Cosmosf FX6.

Cosmosƒ FX6 is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/Standalone). It is available for 89 EUR.

It is also part of the Cosmosf bundle together with Cosmosf Saturn6S. The bundle is available at a 25% discount during the Black Friday sale until November 27th, priced at 157 EUR.

More information: sonicLAB