sonicLAB has announced the release of Cosmosƒ FX4, an advanced live audio processing plugin, which suggests multiple delay buffer engines and complex modulation options.

Cosmosƒ FX4 offers sophisticated delay buffer handling and sampling features of live audio with a stochastic event generation system.

The live audio is feeding the micro events in various ways leading to a bottom up sonic construction. There are 5 different circular buffer reading methods available to choose.

The complex network of delay lines are handled within the hierarchy of Cosmosƒ FX; additional DSP tools + a powerful morphing engine is available in chain.

The vast modulation possibilities in realtime offer such a rich palette of digital audio treatment, likewise Cosmosƒ FX4 becomes a true lab of digital audio processing.

Cosmosƒ FX4 for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for 89 EUR. Existing users of Cosmosƒ v4S can purchase Cosmosƒ FX4 for 20 EUR.

sonicLAB has also updated Cosmosƒ v4 and v4S to version 4.1, offering several improvements.

Changes in Cosmosƒ v4/v4S v4.1

  • Primary universe copy switch: When pressed, the parameters of the primary universe will be copied instantly to the parallel universe.
  • Remarkable sonic quality improvement on the GranDelay processor. Now the GranDelay uses qubic interpolation as well.
  • Cosmosƒ v4.1 and FX4 now responds to program change messages and also automation parameter dump requests.

The updates are free to all registered users of v4 and v4S. sonicLAB has reduced the price of Cosmosƒ v4S to 149 EUR. The bundle of Cosmosƒ v4S and Cosmosƒ FX4 is 189 EUR.

More information: sonicLAB