sonicLAB has announced the release of Cosmosƒ Saturn 7, an update to the advanced stochastic synthesizer instrument.

The update offers a revised event distribution system with the “big bang” expansion and the Grid System for deterministic event definition.

It can generate events on multiple time scales and assign individual synthesis engines on each of them accessible by the user. The distribution process of these events can be defined among various stochastic functions deciding the onset time and duration of the meso events and the micro events distributed in these meso events.

The transition between deterministic patterns and fully random behavior can be gradual and continuous gestures. Cosmosf Saturn 7S and also render its output in 3rd order ambisonic format distributed in spatial space with various functions on the meso event level individually.

Changes in Cosmosƒ Saturn 7

  • Revised structure offering the “big bang” expansion of sonic events on meso and micro levels.
  • The Grid system: Cosmosƒ meso and micro events can be deterministically positioned in the macro space with user defined quantization scheme for each meso space.
  • Continuous transitions between defined events and stochastic alterations are possible for onset and duration parameters on meso and micro levels.
  • Cosmosƒ Saturn 7 offers 16 meso events and 16 micro events on each meso event. They all have their accessible independent synth engines.
  • Cosmosƒ Saturn 7S offers the spatial projection of its sonic rendering on 3rd order ambisonic field with individual control on each meso event.

Cosmosƒ Saturn 7 is available for Windows and Mac in VST, AU and standalone formats, priced at 139 EUR. Cosmosƒ Saturn 7S is on sale for 169 EUR (regular 189 EUR).

More information: sonicLAB